About myself ...


My first time on the board was at the FISE World in Montpellier in 2012, where there was a two tower initiation cable; I was 9 years old.
For two years, I went to the FISE Academy in Montpellier and it was so incredible when I think back on it : I enjoyed with the small kicker and the box and watch the riders doing transferts on the wall!

Unfortunately the park closed but it was too late, I'd caught the virus! Ever since, my father drives me all over the south of france and beyond by van.
My first "Full" was at Rouffiac Cable Park and I fell in love with this place, so I go back every year!

I started participating in competitions early on and joined the French Team in 2016 for the European championships in Tel Aviv.
The same year, I became a member of the OBrien French team and the ION French team.
The following year, I joined the Team Occitanie which unites the best riders (Kitesurf, Funboard, Snowboard, Ski, ...).

So, it's been six years already and I still have a lot of fun on my board!
How lucky I am to be able to travel and meet all these extraordinary people in wonderful places!

Wakeboarding has me hooked...there's no doubt!

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